Working and living “slow” is not just a question of attitude, it’s also a commitment to a method.

Primitivo Roig

Slow Dentistry

In a world in which we are constantly prompted to be on the go and we’re bombarded by purchasing, entertainment and professional service options 24/7, we have to find a way to strike the right balance so that we don’t become victims of the tyranny of time and end up incapable of enjoying the moment.

Slow Dentistry offers us a new way of seeing things that, inspired by past successes, takes on present and future challenges. Working “slow” doesn’t just mean working at a lesser speed; it also means working efficiently, being productive without being wasteful, doing more with less, giving priority to quality and enjoying the emotional bond with patients and with our staff, and remembering that taking care of the human factor from within a center of calmness will end up bringing greater happiness to ourselves, to our patients and to Dentistry in general.

Many professionals who value excellence might already recognize some of the Slow principles. The Slow Dentistry method created by Dr. Primitivo Roig and his team is based on models of excellence in which clinical protocols are perfectly integrated with those that pertain to management and organization. It’s intended for everyone who believes that sometimes “less is more” and that it’s possible to achieve “more with less.”